7 Mistakes People Make on Vacations!

Have you made these mistakes on your previous vacations? Comment with yes or no

  1. Putting too much load on your Itinerary:
    You do not need to visit the whole city in one day! Always plan your itinerary keeping in mind the time it takes to reach from A to B depending on the transport you choose. After you reach your destination, stay there for a good amount of time. Don’t rush to your next destination, enjoy the place you are in first!
  2. Packing “I might need…” or “What if…”:
    Have you ever come across situations where you pop the question, “What if it’s too hot and I need to wear light color clothes? But what if it starts raining? Should I carry an umbrella?” These questions are an indication that you are about to pack extra, unnecessary items. Always research on the climate of your holiday destination to avoid packing mistakes.
    Packing more than one item:- People often carry 3-4 pairs of jeans which is not needed. Try carrying one pair of jeans which can go on all your shirts! Avoid carrying more than one book/ guide-book since books are heavy.
  3. Thinking you’re travelling to a remote village:
    Most of the times, except camping trips, you travel to destinations which are not too far from civilization! So you do not need to pack basic supplies that are easily available at all places.
  4. Budget:
    When going on a vacation, have you ever had the need to withdraw more cash? If you are going to a foreign land, calculate all the possible costs and currency to avoid going bankrupt!
  5. Not keeping backup of your pictures and videos:
    You cannot create the same memories again. So maintain a backup system for your pictures and videos in case your electronic gadgets get lost or fall sick due to virus!
  6. Not being open to new culture:
    If you are travelling to a place for the first time, it is obvious that you will be exposed to a new culture altogether. Before you arrive at your destination, read up on their culture and traditions to blend better and avoid insulting them unintentionally!
  7. Not knowing your drinking capacity:
    It could be dangerous to get drunk in a foreign land as you are highly vulnerable then to robbery and deceit! Chances are you might even get lost and not reach your hotel!



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