Few Reasons to be at Munjoh

Here’s why you need to put Travelling to Munjoh Resort on your “TO DO LIST”

  1. The location:
    Munjoh Ocean Resort positioned on Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, subtly shouts out that we have our own beach attached to the resort which does not require you to travel much from your room to just go for a dip!34-DSC_8573-ARDP
  2. Bar on the Beach:
    Wish to sip down alcohol with ocean water as a mixer? No problem, we got that Covered! We have our own bar on the beach serving all kinda of drinks and bites.165-DSC_9041-ARDP
  3. Self-Owned Water Sports:
    Under the banner of @DoongiDives owned by Munjoh Resort, we proclaim to offer the best water sports in the country carried under careful supervision of professionals in the field. Our Water sports include: Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Game Fishing, etc.DCIM101GOPRO 
  4. Destination Weddings:
    Has it ever been your dream to get married by the beach side and then play volleyball on that same beach in your wedding lehenga? Well, here’s your chance to put nuts and bolts on that dream! At Munjoh, we arrange Destination Weddings of all sorts, harmonize it with a well-versed pandit, put together all wedding necessities and gift you the perfectly memorable wedlock..Simran_Hiren_579+copy
  5. Candle-Light dinner:
    Consider Munjoh Resort to be the perfect spot to sizzle up your romance again as we offer you candle light dinner by the beach completely organized by us. How about proposing your special one here?314-DSC_9591-ARDP
  6. Abundant Greenery:
    Besides owning a beach, we take pride over the cover of Greenery in and around the resort. The green sheets of nature maintain a cool atmosphere giving a relaxing feeling to the guests.6-DSC_8468-Pano-ARDP
  7. Authentic Sea Food:
    Quite obviously we serve Sea Food. But not everyone is able to deliver the authentic local taste of Andaman food. So when at Munjoh, be sure to expect a skillful presentation of food and service.377-DSC_9834-ARDP
  8. Beach Side Spa:
    There’s nothing better than bringing all the bones on your body back to life at the beach. Munjoh holds Spa sessions for you on its beach where you can enjoy the calm and sleep peacefully to the sweet music of the waves.spa






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