Common Phrases You’ll need to know in Bengali When You Visit Andamans!

English and Hindi are spoken in Andamans. However, it’s better if you know common phrases in  Bengali

  • Hello (greeting someone)-nômoshkar (for Hindus)
    assalamualaikum (for Muslims)
    Hello (talking on the phone)-hyālō

  • How are you-tumi kêmon achho?
    Reply to ‘How are you?’-ami bhalo achhi.

  • Good Morning-shuprobhat
    Good Evening-shubho shondha
    Good Night-shubhoratri
    Goodbye-bidae nicchhi 
  • Do you speak English?-apni Ingreji bolte paren? 
  • How much does this cost?-ei jinishṭar kôto dam?
  • Where’s the toilet?-ṭôeleṭṭi kothae? 
  • Sorry-maf korben

  • Thank you-dhonnobad

Or just go watch Piku and you’ll learn how to fight in Bengali :p YOLO


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