Getting Started…

Ever wanted to go to a place where the sun compels you to press a smile on your lips? Where the breeze caresses your hair and gives you the feeling of pure honey bliss? Where the wind plants soft kisses on your skin till you get goosebumps of towering heights? Where the sun just glows brighter as its rays slide down your nose? And your feet just calm down your racing heartbeats as soon as ocean waters hug them?

A two-day weekend trip in Munjoh Resort is the life every eye dreams of. The location itself of the resort doesn’t make you think twice before you hit ‘confirm booking’ on your ticket website. With its prime location, Munjoh flaunts its private beach which gives definition to what “money well-spent” means. Thus, when the ocean communicates with the beach, that’s when you taste the droplets of happiness.



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