What you can do at Munjoh !

If tourist points and shopping is not your type and you prefer the adventuress side of life, we have just what you need.

Hop on to our fun panel and explore the island with ;


We offer day trips on our private boat, which you can charter and island hop your way to glory. We will pack a sumptuous picnic for you take along as well. Whether you are honeymooners or on a team-building trip, this is the best way to explore the islands.



And if you hear the waters calling and want to dive right inside, we will arrange for that as well.


Experience the world beyond land and meet the creatures of the sea, Havelock is home to the various species of flora and fauna under water that will leave you mesmerised. Spend quality time underwater, discover, explore and experience nature under the  layer of land.



That’s not the only call to underwater exploration, so what is it if not Scuba Diving ?


The waters in the Andaman islands are clear as the day, you can see coral and abundant colorful fish in all their glory even while snorkelling !

Snorkelers and the scuba divers get a section together of The Marine Show.


Surrounded by the waters and all you did was swim, wanted to go catch a few fishes by the string ?


Andamans is the best possible location in South East Asia offering offshore, Inshore and bottom-fishing options. This has been a blessing in disguise for anglers, as the surrounding waters are virtually virginal for big-game activity.


Be it sport or a fun activity, we make your stay a memorable one with all that we have !



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