Reasons to plan for a Vacation !

If you can’t make up your mind for a vacation Or know someone who needs to read this.

These are the basic’s but convenient enough to book those tickets.

Note : These pictures are taken at Munjoh Ocean Resort, Andaman Island

(Off course we are advertising !)


1. Experience is what matters.

Don’t let time slip off your hands, do it now not tomorrow.


2.  That long awaited difference in your Appetite.

Deep down there you know you need a break only to satisfy those taste buds.


3.  The best Family bonding session !

Nothing can bring back the time that is spent. It’s your choice to spend it either on a vacation or in the office or at a child care !


4. Stress Buster.

Health can play a serious role in life you know!

A vacation can help reduce the doses of your pills.


5. A secret to Healthiness.

“Healthy is Happy”  & “Happy is Healthy” may sound similar but has a huge difference.


6.  “Now” is the best time.

Stop dreaming about the best time and don’t expect to get one too. Plans are made for a reason I know but ‘Last minute ones’ work great too.


If these reasons were not enough then comment below to let us know !


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