Before You Start Packing Those Bags…

 Here are few Travel hacks but, they are relevant to those escaping towards the coast.

Images Source: Google.


1. Get that sand off with baby powder !


2. Don’t regret not carrying these resealable bags.


3. Sunburn ?  Work your way out with Aloe Vera or Yoghurt

4. If your Flip flop fails you, use a bread clip to keep them intact for the time being.


5. Blow a balloon to get rid of clogged ears !


6. Sew pockets on your Beach Towel to keep your stuff sand free and your towel from shifting.



7. Mothers, let your toddler enjoy the beach this way if you’re afraid of the tides.


8. You’ll be surprised how these will help you get shade or dressed !

Comment below to let us know if we missed out on any important beach hack !


Share your feedback about the ones mentioned above !



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